Saturday, January 14, 2017

WCDSB Digital Learning Progress

Today I participated in an assessment of the digital learning practises that my school board has been engaged in over the past few years. Invited by +Ferdinand Krauss to participate, I was along side 14 other educators in our district to examine and evaluate where we are on our digital learning journey and provide next steps for growth and development.

Using rubrics, we evaluated the following 6 areas:

1. Leadership 
2.Professional Learning
3. Content and Instruction
4. Technology and Infrastructure
5. Data and Assessment

We also provided rationale for our assessment in a Real Time Board that Ferdinand created. While we were working, Ferdinand created a screencast of the group's work. 

Here is a video Ferdinand created about what we were doing today:

Working with +Sean Kritz  and +Amy Shantz , we evaluated the Leadership portion of the overall review.

This experience provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my involvement and experiences as a leader around digital learning. Having been part of, and co-chair, of one of the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Blueprint subcommittees, I have been part of one of our District's major student learning initiatives.

The leadership opportunities that I have participated in have helped me learn about and assist with the five pillars of the Catholic Leadership Framework:

  • Setting Directions
  • Building Relationship and Developing People
  • Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices
  • Improving the Instructional Program
  • Securing Accountability
My leadership experiences around digital learning have provided me with leadership experience, as well as perspectives that benefit what I do at my school to support the students and my colleagues. 

The group will be meeting again to continue the assessment process and to provide thoughts and ideas about next steps that will allow our system to improve upon our digital learning journey. I look forward to reflecting on that experience, particularly on what I can do to help lead to further transformation that will ultimately benefit our students. 

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