Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Leadership Part III - Growing in Leadership

Nearing the end of Leadership Part II, many of the participants (at least the ones that I spoke to) were pleased with the program but were left wanting more. Many of us expressed an interest in some type of job shadowing component. In particular, many of the elementary educators felt this way because there aren't many opportunities for formal leadership in the elementary panel as compared to the secondary panel. We don't have program heads and things of that nature in elementary. For us, the jump is straight from the classroom to the main office as a Vice Principal - without any buffer leadership opportunities.

Another want/need of many of the participants revolved around conflict resolution and difficult conversations. Conflict is going to occur, it is unavoidable. It is important that we know how to deal with it in ways that are effective and as positive as possible. For these reasons, the part III program incorporates sessions that are designed to help participants learn how to navigate conflict in ways that will build people up instead of break them down.

There is also a third component of the program, it involves professional reading and a meeting with a member of the Senior Administration team. The program provides us with a detailed list of possible book choices and how they connect to the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework. The requirement is that we choose a book to read/study and then meet with a member of Senior Administration to discuss the book and our thoughts/opinions/growth. Another great opportunity to develop, share our learning, and connect with a tried and tested leader in our system. My only issue with this component is that there are so many good books that I will most likely read more than one!

Aside from the mentorship component, in class sessions, and the professional reading/discussion with Senior Administration, I am really happy that +Lorrie Temple will be facilitating the part III program. She is most certainly a wonderful role model to help us along our learning journey.

I am looking forward to participating in the opportunity that Board is providing. For me, it is helping me become a brighter individual for the people who surround me.

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