Monday, October 24, 2016

The Connected Principal (Digital Leader) and the Evolution of Educational Leadership

Tomorrow I am spending the day learning with my Principal Qualification Program Part #2 colleagues. We have been provided with a release day to gather and continue to learn about the role of a Principal. On top of learning from and with my colleagues, I will be sharing my understanding of the importance of, and what it means to be, a digitally connected Vice Principal/Principal/Leader.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind putting the presentation together but I am looking forward to sharing my learning with my colleagues in the course and my social media PLN - some of which have been integral in the preparation of my presentation.

Looking at this experience through the lens of the Catholic Leadership Framework I believe that my presentation will assist in Building Relationships and Developing People, Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices, and Improving the Instructional Program. 

There are a lot of benefits to being a connected digital leader that fit very nicely with the expectations of the Leadership Framework. Connected leaders can leverage digital technologies/tools to help establish (or be part of) collaborative cultures, building productive relationships with families and the community, connecting the school to a wider environment, stimulate growth in the professional capacities of staff, modelling the school's values and practices, and providing instructional support. 

With this in mind, I hope that my colleagues will see that being a digitally connected leader is not an "extra" but that it fits in nicely with the society we are currently living in and the work that we do in Education. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

PQP2 - Formal Leadership Learning

I'm very excited to be enrolled in the Principal Qualification Program (part 2). I am surrounded by a great group of formal and informal leaders in my system and look forward to learning with them and from them. It is important for me to note that one of the main reasons I decided to take this course now is because of the instructor who will be leading our learning. I have had the opportunity to work with +Rodney Eckert when I worked under his supervision a few years ago. I find him to be an authentic and effective leader and enjoy listening to him and engaging him in educational discussions with him.

Rod Eckert

It will be nice to connect my learning in the course to the Catholic Leadership Framework, especially the pillars that I feel I need to work on. When I look at and reflect on the Leadership Framework I know that Securing Accountability is a pillar that I will need to spend time reviewing and learning about in this course. I am not naturally attracted to that section of the Framework so I know that I will need to put effort into learning more about it.